Professional Project Management

My name is  TOMASZ  JAKUBOWSKI and for the past 14 years I have been specializing in project execution. 

At  the  moment   I  am   managing   projects  in  five  corporations  of different nature  such as development,  service,  marketing,  training  and  sport.  I  am  responsible  for  the  business preparation of the said projects ( PnL ) as well  as  implementation and execution. Their value totals 21 million Polish zlotys.

My flagship achievement is the managing  of Poland's  biggest tennis club   (third in Europe), in which I have been the Chairman of the Board for 11 years now. Apart from the current activities I am  also in  charge of all the investment processes, whose total value has exceeded 16 million Polish zlotys. 

Should you need an effective manager or an advisor please do not hesitate to contact me.